Dry Goods
Barnier Green Picholine 2.75kg
Name Barnier Green Picholine
Producer Barnier
Region France
Format Large tin
Size 2.75kg nett



According to legend, the goddess Athena endowed the ancient Greeks with two gifts: wisdom and olives. The Greeks in turn, graced France's Mediterranean coast with the olive tree in about 600bc. Where it has flourished in the local sun-baked soil ever since.

Picholine Olives are a variety of olives, Originating in the south of France. They are light green in colour, medium sized and slightly elongated. They have a meaty texture and a crisp fresh and slightly nutty flavour.

They are delicious served with cocktails (they make for an excellent Martini olive), to use in Provencal cooking or even just tossed through a salad. These delicious olives are easy to enjoy.

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