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Preservation & Co Hickory Brussels Sprouts 455g

Product Profile:

Name Preservation & Co Hickory Brussels Sprouts
Producer Preservation & Co.
Origin California, USA
Format Retail
Size 455g Jar
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 12 units
Barcode 855982003750


Preservation & Co. products are crafted and packed by hand in their production kitchen in the heart of California, USA. With a focus on all forms of preservation, they use local seasonal produce to create their, outside of the norm, products. They never use any artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and handling the production process from start to finish ensures a consistent delicious product every time.

Hickory smoke plays so well with brussels sprouts! Taking inspiration from the dish that chefs all know well and love, "Bacon and Roasted Brussels Sprouts". While there is no meat in this item, Preservation did take some of the key ingredients, and infuse them into this jar. You will love using them in a stir-fry, or topping a Bloody Mary with a few of them!

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