Grubb Crozier Blue 1.4kg

Product Profile:

Name Grubb Crozier Blue
Producer Jane Grubb
Origin Tipperary, Eire IRELAND
Milk Stock Pasteurised sheep
Rennet Type  Non-Animal
Avg. Fat Content  26% approx.
Format Wheel
Size 1.4kg random weight
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 2 units


A relatively modern cheese made under the shadow of the Rock of Cashel, a bold outcrop overlooking the Tipperary plains in Ireland.  

A characteristic of Crozier Blue is it’s pleasing creaminess, which can be traced directly to the limestone-rich pastures which the ewes graze and which in turn contribute to a particularly lush full and sweet milk. Its off-white interior with a liberal marbling of blue throughout, has a rich, full and well-rounded flavour. It is gently salty with a distinctly rich creamy texture, offset by a touch of spice.



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