Tarago Gippsland Blue 1.5kg

Product Profile:

Name Tarago Gippsland Blue
Producer Tarago River Cheese Co.
Origin Gippsland, Victoria
Milk Stock Pasteurised Cow's Milk
Rennet Type  Calf Rennet
Average Fat Content  28% 
Format Pre-Cut 1/4 wheel
Size 1.5kg random weight
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 4 units 

Made from whole cows’ milk in the style of the grand Italian blue vein, Gorgonzola Dolce. The curds mature to a soft, runny texture with a full and slightly astringent flavour, yet still sweet and buttery on the palate. To finish, the flavour lingers with the spiciness and tang of the blue mould. The aggressive yeast and mould cultures liberate ammonia and other aromatics which deliver a pungent bouquet with the cheese ripening in 8-10 weeks. The natural yeasty rind allows the cheese to breathe during storage and this should not be stifled when wrapping. It is generally described as a “medium” strength blue with a creamy full flavour.



servings per pack: Varies               serving size: 25g     
  per serve per 100g
Energy  345kj 1380kj
Protein  4.875g 19.5g
Fat, Total  7.05g 28.2g
  - Saturated  5.16g 20.67g
Carbohydrates 0.025g max 0.1g max
  - Sugars  0.025g max 0.1g max
Sodium  172.5mg 690mg
Ingredients: Cows Milk (98%), Salt (1.8%), Cultures (0.1%), Rennet (0.1%).

Information for this profile sourced from AOAP Staff & Tarago River Cheese Co. http://www.taragocheese.com/


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