Merco Valdeon 2kg

Product Profile:

Name Merco Valdeon
Producer Merco - Queso Tradicionales
Origin Castillay León, Spain
Milk Stock Pasteurised mixed (cow & goat)
Rennet Type  Animal 
Average Fat Content  33% 
Format Wheel
Size 2kg approx (random weight)
Minimum Order half wheel (1kg approx.) 
Qty Per Box 4 wheels 

This fragile cheese is made from cow and goat milk collected from the small herds that graze the remote Valdeon Valley, nestled in Spain’s high mountain pastures in the province of Leon. The curd set is very gentle and slow and after hooping the bare cheeses are ripened in local natural limestone caves. These caves provide a natural airborne mould that is absorbed by the cheeses when they are pierced. After up to four months affinage the cheeses develop an intense green-blue mould throughout the pâté that is quite intense and has a pungent aroma. The flavour has a pleasantly salty bite and clean piquant finish. Once the cheeses have matured they are wrapped in sycamore leaves to hold the rich crumbly delicate pâté together for transport down from the mountains.

A traditional table cheese often served with wild honey.



servings per pack:92 approx.              serving size: 25g     
  per serve per 100g
Energy  399kj 1595kj
Protein  5.2g 20.9g
Fat, Total  8.4g 33.5g
  - Saturated  - -
Carbohydrates 25mg 100mg
  - Sugars  - -
Calcium  135mg  540mg 
Sodium  195mg 780mg
Ingredients: Cow & Goat's Milk, Rennet, Cultures.

Information for this profile sourced from AOAP Staff.


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