Mauri Mascarpone 250g

Product Profile:

Name Mauri Mascarpone
Producer Mauri
Origin Lombardy, Italy
Milk Stock Cows
Avg. Fat Content 
Format Retail
Size 250g
Minimum Order 1 unit (must pre-order)
Qty Per Box 6 units
Barcode  8000902009042


With its roots deep in the Lombard territory, “Loyalty to the territory, genuineness and manual labour” are the values that inspired the founder of the company, Emilio Mauri. These values still rule the work of his heirs and of those who contribute every day to make Mauri an international success. Under the management of Nicoletta Merlo, Emilio’s granddaughter, today Mauri counts more than 120 employees and distributes its products all over the world.

In Treviglio Mauri gathers the milk and manufactures fresh cheeses. Their mascarpone is a vivid white colour and has a full delicate creamy flavour. It is commonly used in the making of desserts like cheese cake and tiramisu, or to top a dessert in place of cream or ice cream. It can also be used in savoury applications like dips, sauces and pasta fillings.

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