Ars Italica Oscietra Caviar (6 sizes)

Product Profile:

Name Ars Italica Oscietra Caviar
Producer Argo Ittica Lombarda
Origin Lombardy, Italy
Format Traditional and vac sealed tin
Sizes 10g (vac sealed)
  30g (vac sealed)
  50g (vac sealed)
  125g (vac sealed)
Minimum Order 1 unit


Ars Italica’ Storione Ticino farm is in the north of Italy near Lake Maggiore in the Ticino Park. This is the largest sturgeon farm in Europe with more than 60 acres of aquaculture tanks dedicated to breeding and accounts for over 20% of the worlds production. Their caviar has historically been considered one of the most sought-after foods in the world, a precious and valuable caviar, many consider to be the most refined.

Rigorous and traditional techniques are used to deliver an environmentally-friendly and luxurious experience for connoisseurs of caviar. Prepared from the roe of the pure Russian sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii), The Classic Oscietra Caviar has a large sized grain, most frequent colours are dark grey, dark brown and even black. Roe shell is fairly firm and its flavour is pure, tasty and quite rich with hints of hazelnut and butter that intensify as the caviar matures.

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