Black Pearl Beluga Caviar (5 sizes)

Product Profile:

Name Black Pearl Beluga Caviar
Producer Black Pearl
Origin Italy
Format Traditional & vac sealed tins
Sizes 30g (vac sealed)
  50g (vac sealed)
  125g (vac sealed) 
Minimum Order 1 unit


True Beluga is produced only by the Huso Huso sturgeon, originally native to the Caspian Sea. The Huso Huso is the largest of the species and in the wild can live to over 120 years old and grow to weight one tonne. The Huso Huso takes on average 20 years to reach maturity and begin ovulation, hence the rarity and value of this caviar.

Beluga Caviar has the largest and smoothest pearls, light to dark grey with black pigments and a flavour profile distinct from all other caviars.



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