Shark Bay Wild Scampi Caviar 25g

Product Profile:

Name Shark Bay Wild Scampi Caviar
Producer Shark Bay
Origin Western Australia
Format Tin
Size 25g
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box Not standardised


Wild Scampi Caviar, called sapphires of the ocean, are harvested from the waters 500 meters deep off Australia’s west coast. The waters of Western Australia provide habitat to millions of fish and crustaceans among which are Scampi, small prawn-like animals with long thin claws which keep their jewel-like roe outside of their bodies.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) manages catches of scampi by limiting the number of fisheries allowed to catch. AFMA rates the Wild Scampi Caviar as very sustainable.

The scampi roe is hand sorted and packed into tins with no additives or colourings making it a unique Australian product. These pearls of various shades of blue are rather firm in texture, creating a pop on the palate. Wild Scampi Caviar is not as creamy as sturgeon roe as it has a lower fat content, but has a beautiful fresh, rich ocean flavour. The blue roe can be enjoyed on its own but will also be a great addition paired with oysters or fine sushi or used as a garnish - reflecting light just like sapphires.

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