Sterling Royal Caviar (6 sizes)

Product Profile:

Name Sterling Royal Caviar
Producer Stolt Sea Farm
Origin California, USA
Format Traditional tin & vac sealed tin
Sizes 10g (vac sealed)
  30g (vac sealed)
  50g (vac sealed)
  125g (vac sealed)
Minimum Order 1 unit


Sterling Caviar is produced from farmed-raised white sturgeon, Indigenous to the waters and rivers of the Pacific Coast of North America. One of the oldest creatures found on earth, Stolt Sea Farm is a commitment to raise their fish in a controlled environment with no impact on wild stocks and in a sustainable manner. They have complete control of the quality of the product from the time the sturgeon hatch to the time the caviar is harvested, 8 to 10 years later.

Sterling Royal Caviar is a true sturgeon caviar, similar in characteristics to Oscietra and Beluga from the Caspian Sea, however stands on its own as a premium product. It is truly delectable through its firm beads that burst with intensely rich and nutty flavours. The medium to large sized egg ranges from light grey to amber in colour creating a radiant marbling that is appealing to the eye. Packed to the Malossol tradition (light on salt), Sterling Royal Caviar will delight even the fussiest caviar connoisseur.

Information and images for this profile sourced from Simon Johnson  

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