Tsar Nicoulai Select White Sturgeon Caviar (6 sizes)

Product Profile:

Name Tsar Nicoulai Select White Sturgeon Caviar
Producer Tsar Nicoulai
Origin USA
Format Tin
Sizes 10g Vac Sealed
  30g Vac Sealed
  50g Vac Sealed
  125g Vac Sealed 
  250g Traditional
  500g Traditional
Minimum Order 1 unit any size
Qty Per Box Not standardised


Tsar Nicoulai pride themselves on providing genuine American caviar of the highest quality. As worldwide pioneers of American White Sturgeon farming, they developed truly sustainable domestic caviar that rivals the classic imports. The range of artisanal handcrafted products are carefully produced and selected without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs, biocides, radiation, bioengineering or synthetic preservatives.

Tsar Nicoulai Select Caviar is praised within the finest restaurants in the USA for its medium to large pearl, displaying a gentle pop and smooth creamy finish that melts across the palate. The Select Caviar, a beautiful dark brown to platinum colour, will delight.




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