Ashgrove Cloth Matured Cheddar 4kg

Product Profile:

Name Ashgrove Cloth Matured Cheddar
Producer Ashgrove Cheese
Origin Elizabeth Town, Tasmania
Milk Stock Pasteurised cow's milk
Rennet Type  FP Chymosin (non-animal)
Average Fat Content  33% approx.
Format large wheel
Size 4kg random weight
Minimum Order 1/4 wheel (1kg approx) 
Qty Per Box Single wheel per box


The north west of Tasmania is home to some of the world’s freshest air, cleanest water and most fertile soil.  This cool temperate climate of Tasmanian is ideal for slow growing pastures which are naturally packed with nutrition.

Ashgrove Cheese only use the freshest and creamiest milk possible.  Their milk is supplied by cows that graze on a natural pasture diet, resulting in milk that is pure in flavour. The majority of their milk comes from the Ashgrove Farms where it is delivered straight from the dairy to the factory.  These cows are a special breed of Holstein, Jersey and Friesian, which produce a creamier, naturally sweeter milk.

Ashgrove Cloth Matured Cheddar is matured for a minimum of 15 months, and is made using traditional artisan cheddaring techniques. It is slightly dry and flaky with a nutty, salty and somewhat spicy flavour profile. Each cheese is wrapped in traditional cheese cloth and the surface is rubbed and turned weekly during affinage, developing the cheeses natural rustic looking rind and musty-earthy aroma.


Avg. servings per kilo: 50                serving size: 20g     
  Avg. per serve per 100g
Energy  337kJ 1685kJ
Protein  5.1g 25.5g
Fat, Total  6.6g 33.0g
  - Saturated  4.3g 21.5g
Carbohydrates <0.1g <0.5g
  - Sugars  <0.1g <0.5g
Sodium  131mg 655mg
Ingredients: Cow’s Milk, Rennet (non-animal), Culture, Salt
Whilst all care has been taken to ensure this information is correct, please refer to the product label for further information.  

Information for this profile sourced from AOAP staff & Ashgrove Cheese www.ashgrovecheese.com.au


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