Jean Perrin Fromager des Clarines 250g

Product Profile:

Name Clarines des Perrin
Producer Fromagerie Jean Perrin
Origin Franche Comte, France 
Milk Stock Cows
Rennet Type   
Format Small wheel in wooden box
Size 250g
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 7 units 


This cheese is a specialty of the Franche Comte region and is hand made in the style of the classic Mont D’or Vacherin. It is presented in a wooden box in which it continues to ripen and this helps the cheese to keep its shape as the curd turns to a flowing texture. The surface is moist and the rind gold with slightly reddish yeast developments. The flavour is rich and buttery and due to its washed rind characteristics, it is long on the palate.

Best served with a spoon, and scooped out.


servings per pack: 10               serving size: 25g     
  per serve per 100g
Energy  324kJ 1296kJ
Protein  4.7g 18.6g
Fat, Total  6.6g 26.8g
  - Saturated  4.2g 16.7
Carbohydrates 250mg 1g
  - Sugars  0mg 0mg
Calcium 120mg  478mg 
Sodium  162mg 652mg
Ingredients: Cows Milk, Rennet, Salt, Starter Culture
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