Fromagerie Germain Langres Plateau 180g

Product Profile:

Name Langres Plateau
Producer Fromagerie Germain
Origin Champagne-Ardenne, France
Milk Stock Pasteurised cow
Rennet Type 
Avg. Fat Content 
Format Small wheel
Size 180g
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 6 units


As the name indicates this artisanal cheese originates from the high plains of Langres, in Champagne-Ardenne region, North-Eastern France. Its cylindrical shape has a 5mm deep well on top called a “fontaine or cuvette”, a kind of basin into which Champagne or Marc may be poured.  This is a pleasant way to eat this cheese and is a characteristic of the wine producing regions.

The surface of the cheese is sticky, wet, and shiny and has a pronounced smell.  The interior is firm and supple, melting in the mouth, releasing a complex mixture of flavours that linger on the palate.

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