Jean Perrin St Vernier 100g

Product Profile:

Name Jean Perrin St Vernier
Producer Jean Perrin & Fils
Origin Franche-Comte, France
Milk Stock Pasteurised cow
Rennet Type 
Avg. Fat Content 
Format Small round
Size 100g
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 8 units


Saint Vernier is made in the factory of Jean Perrin & Fils in the Jura area of the Franche-Comté in the east of France.

Saint Vernier is washed with a solution made with a locally produced Savagnin wine during the early stages of maturation. After the washing stage, the rind is allowed to develop and bloom, finishing with a wonderful soft delicate faint orange rind. The washing also imparts a mild fruity note in an otherwise lactic, yeasty and earthy flavour profile. Texturally soft in the mouth, the cheese can also become runny if aged a little too long.

As with all high quality French washed rind cheese, pungency can be a little overbearing on well-aged examples, a much milder experience can be expected on a young cheese.

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