Quicke's Devonshire Red Portion 150g

Product Profile:

Name Quicke's Devonshire Red Portion
Producer Quicke's Traditional Ltd
Origin Devon, England
Milk Stock Pasteurised cow
Rennet Type 
Avg. Fat Content 
Format Retail portion
Size 150g
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 6 units


Quicke's have been nurturing the family farm at Newton St Cyres for almost five centuries - and in these ancient fields their carefully bred cows turn lush Devonshire grass into the perfect milk for cheese making. Crafting magnificent flavours from the land is what they do, season after season their artisanal cheesemakers use all their senses to discern the subtle shifts that mark out a good cheese from an exceptional one, creating a flavour only traditional clothbound cheddar can deliver.

Quicke’s Devonshire Red is Quicke’s take on a Red Leicester. Handcrafted and cloth-bound by expert cheesemakers, it’s infused with natural annatto to give it its vibrant amber colour and matured to perfection for six months. A fresher cheese than traditional cheddar, Devonshire Red retains a nuttiness, combined with a lemony creaminess and a glorious crumbly texture.

Superb in savoury scones and shepherd's pie, rewarding with riesling or rioja.

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