Dry Goods
Valrhona Cocoa Butter 3kg

Product Profile:

Name Valrhona Cocoa Butter
Producer Valrhona
Origin Rhone-Alps, France
Format Large tub
Size 3kg
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box Single units


French chocolate maker Valrhona has been supplying the finest chefs and artisans since 1922. Founded by a pastry chef for pastry chefs, Valrhona devotes its savoir-faire to gourmet food experiences, giving professionals an exceptional chocolate to use. Constantly enhanced by fresh innovations, Valrhona builds long-term co-development relationships with farmers and leading chefs to stay on the cutting edge of gastronomic fulfilment.

Valrhona Cocoa Butter is fully purified and deodorized cacao fat. It remains solid below 25°C and has a deep honey colour. A filling product line that seamlessly blends with preparations for a richer chocolate flavour and irresistible texture. Ideal for use in any pastries or breads.

Information for this profile sourced from AOAP Staff & http://en.valrhona.com/

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