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Lynwood Preserves Seville Orange Marmalade 1kg

Product Profile:

Name Lynwood Seville Orange Marmalade
Producer Lynwood Preserves
Origin NSW
Format Large food service jar
Size 1kg
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 8 units


With a gift of a beautiful copper pot given by a dear friend, jam-maker Robbie Howard began the Lynwood Preserves journey in the late 1980s. Today, Robbie’s son and his wife run Lynwood Preserves. Underscoring everything Lynwood does is a profound sense of respect for authenticity, quality, growers and the land – and it’s based around a strong and enduring family tradition that Robbie Howard established in those early years.


Seville oranges make the best marmalade because of their slightly sour taste. Lynwood Seville Orange Marmalade is made with ‘thick cut’ or 5mm cut fruit which gives the marmalade a slight chutney like consistency. Made with oranges sourced from the Hawkesburry region, it is a lovely light colour with well-balanced acidity and a rich zesty orange flavour. Best with toast and a cup of tea in the morning.



Information for this profile sourced from http://www.lynwoodpreserves.com.au

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