Delicapra Chevre Log 1kg

Product Profile:

Name Delicapra Chevre Log 
Producer Lacteos Caprinos
Origin Jaen, Andalusia ESP
Milk Stock Pasteurised goat
Rennet Type  Non-Animal
Avg. Fat Content  26% approx.
Format Log in plastic closh
Size 1kg
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box Single


Lacteos Caprinos is located in Campillo de Arenas, a small village in the Andalusian mountains where about half of the goat’s milk in Spain is produced. Milk from Malagueña and Granadina goats is collected from local farms to produce their range of fresh goat cheeses produced under their Delicapra label.

This fresh chevre log is packed in a cloche which keeps its form intact and helps to manage the moisture levels in the cheese, whilst not imparting the synthetic flavours that vacuum packing can. Its texture is soft enough to spread with a moist mouth-feel and fresh zingy citrus like flavour. Perfect straight from the pack but is also a versitile ingredient to cook with.



Resource Links: http://www.lacteoscaprinos.com/  

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