Shaw River Buffalo Curd 3.4kg

Product Profile:

Name Shaw River Buffalo Curd
Producer Shaw River Buffalo Cheese
Origin Yambuk, Victoria
Milk Stock Pasteurised buffalo
Rennet Type  N/A
Avg. Fat Content  7% approx.
Format Large tub
Size 3.4kg
Minimum Order 1 unit - MUST PRE-ORDER*
Qty Per Box 2 units


Australia’s pioneering water buffalo dairy is located at Shaw River, Victoria. The herd began with the importation of Riverine Buffalo from Italy in May 1995 and Murrah Buffalo from Bulgaria in 1996. Buffalo have been domesticated in many European and Asian countries for centuries and in countries like Italy and Bulgaria they have been bred especially for the production of milk.

Shaw River Buffalo Cheese is very much a family run company. Roger and Suzanne Haldane along with their children run most of the enterprise. Both the cheese making and the husbandry of the buffaloes are carried out by the family using traditional methods. Thea, their number three daughter and her husband Andrew, are the principal cheese makers and the buffaloes are lovingly cared for by the family on the homestead.

Considered the ultimate delicacy by the people of India and Sri Lanka, buffalo curd is a naturally set product containing beneficial probiotic cultures. Traditionally known as “curd”, it is also more often referred to in western culture as “yoghurt”. As a result Shaw River have chosen to market in Australia under both names, which helps customers to associate the product with its many uses in traditional cooking.


Avg. servings per kilo: 10                serving size: 100g     
  Avg. per serve per 100g
Energy  426kJ 426kJ
Protein  4.8g 4.8g
Fat, Total  6.6g 6.6g
  - Saturated  4.1g 4.1g
  - Trans   0.7g  0.7g 
Carbohydrates 5.9g 5.9g
  - Sugars  3.4g 3.4g
Sodium  46mg 46mg
Calcium  210mg  210mg 
Ingredients: Pure water buffalo milk, acidophilus & bifidus cultures.
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