That's Amore Burrata 125g

Product Profile:

Name That's Amore Burrata
Producer Giorgio Linguanti - That's Amore Cheese
Origin Melbourne Victoria, Australia 
Milk Stock Pasteurised cow's milk
Rennet Type  Non-Animal
Format Individual tub
Size 125g
Minimum Order 1 unit (must pre-order*)
Qty Per Box 12 units


It was August 2004 when Giorgio migrated to Melbourne without a word of English and got a job in a cheese factory where his interest and passion for making cheese ignited. After this experience, Giorgio started his own business ‘That’s Amore Cheese’, in 2008. Today That’s Amore is a multi-award winning cheese brand with customers throughout Australia. 

Burrata is a decadent and divine cheese. It is a hand made traditional fresh cheese with a relatively short history compared to most Italian classics, but it’s a classic none the less. Created in Italy during the early 20th century, Burrata has taken its time to get to our shores but is now being produced by a few of our great cheese makers.

Burrata has a thin mozzarella skin in a money bag style filled with strings of stretched curd combined with seasoned cream. It’s a creamy cheese with a delicate hint of sweetness in its flavour. Eat on its own with good extra virgin olive oil and crispy bread or  simply torn up and tossed through pasta. Burrata is best eaten fresh (within a week of manufacturing).



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Resource Links: http://www.thatsamorecheese.com.au



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