That's Amore Stracciatella 2kg

Product Profile:

Name That's Amore Stracciatella
Producer That's Amore Cheese
Origin Melbourne, VIC
Milk Stock Pasteurised cow
Rennet Type  Non-Animal
Avg. Fat Content 
Format Bucket
Size 2kg
Minimum Order 1 unit (must pre-order*)
Qty Per Box 4 units


It was August 2004 when Giorgio migrated to Melbourne without a word of English and got a job in a cheese factory where his interest and passion for making cheese ignited. After this experience, Giorgio started his own business ‘That’s Amore Cheese’, in 2008. Today That’s Amore is a multi-award-winning cheese brand with customers throughout Australia. 

This soft, fresh cheese may be best known as the delicious center of burrata. Milky and creamy in flavour and soft on the palate.

Like burrata, stracciatella is a product of Puglia and its name comes from its peculiar composition: “stracciata” means shredded or ripped in Italian. Mozzarella strings are obtained by shredding a mozzarella. These strings are then mixed with cream, and the result is a unique soft cheese with an unimaginable flavour.



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Resource Links: http://www.thatsamorecheese.com.au

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