Le Gruyere Swiss Gruyere 32kg

Product Profile:

Name Le Gruyere Swiss Gruyere 
Producer Le Gruyere 
Origin Gruyere, Switzerland
Milk Stock Unpasteurised (raw) cow's milk
Rennet Type  Animal 
Average Fat Content  32% approx.
Format Very Large wheel
Size 32kg approx. (random weight)
Minimum Order 1kg cut (approx.) 
Qty Per Box Single wheel per box 


The region of Gruyère has been known for its cheese production since the 12th century. Medieval chronicles also mention the expertise of its inhabitants, who turned the milk production of their herds into full fat cheese. This product was even sold in France and Italy.

Aged for 6-9 months this Gruyere has a dense and compact texture, yet still retains a slight flexibility. It is this density that makes it stronger and less stringy than Emmenthal when heated, so it is better for gratins, grilling and in soups. Its natural rusty brown rind is hard, dry and pitted with tiny holes. The pâté is slightly grainy, with a wonderful complexity of flavours – at first fruity, then revealing earthy, nutty and sweet characteristics that linger on the palate. 


Avg. servings per pack:                serving size: g     
  Avg. per serve per 100g
Energy  kJ kJ
Protein  g g
Fat, Total  g g
  - Saturated  g g
Carbohydrates g g
  - Sugars  g g
Sodium  mg mg
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Information for this profile sourced from AOAP Staff & http://gruyere.com/

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