Petuna Lightly Smoked Ocean Trout Sliced 800g

Product Profile:

Name Petuna Lightly Smoked Ocean Trout Sliced
Code 13280
Producer Petuna
Origin Davenport, Tasmania
Format Full side, sliced
Size 800g approx.
Minimum Order 1 unit 
Qty Per Box 10 units 

From its humble beginnings over 50 years ago as a small family lobster fishing business, Petuna has grown to be Tasmania’s largest multi-species seafood company, supplying local, interstate and world markets with premium farmed and wild fish.

Petuna’s fine Ocean Trout are selectively bred and expertly nurtured in one of the world’s most perfect growing environments, Macquarie Harbour. Nutrient-rich tannin-stained fresh water flows from the mountains of Tasmania’s world heritage-listed Wild Rivers National Park to overlay the cool, unsullied seawater that surges in from the furious Southern Ocean. One of the few places left in the world for raising premium quality Ocean Trout.

Petuna ocean trout have been specially bred in consultation with renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda. The shape and fat content were of particular interest to him. The development concentrated on marbling and fillet thickness. These objectives were achieved and Petuna Trout is now known as the ‘Wagyu” of the sea.

The processing of Petuna Light Smoked Ocean Trout involves a long, slow smoking using Tasmanian Oak.



  per 100gm 
Energy  685kj
Protein  21.1gm
Carbohydrates Trace Amounts
Fat Total 8.1gm
Sodium  1.2gm
Ingredients: Tasmanian Farmed Ocean Trout (Oncorbynchus Mykiss), Salt, Natural Wood Smoke

Information for this profile sourced from AOAP staff & Petuna


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