Ortiz Sardines in Olive Oil 140g

Product Profile:

Name Ortiz Sardines in Olive Oil
Producer Ortiz
Origin Spain
Format Retail tin
Size 140g
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 20 units


The Ortiz Sardines from northern Spain are one of those really amazing offerings that are sure to attract the attention of every little fish lover that tries them. Prepared and packed by the Ortiz family on Spain’s Cantabrian coast, Ortiz has been Spain’s premier producer of tinned tuna, anchovies, and other small fish for over a century. The Ortiz family prepares their sardines a l’ancienne, a process that leaves the fish tender from cooking with skin and bones still on. The result is a traditional soft, delicate, but meaty texture.


As with their tuna and anchovies, the Ortiz folks are very finicky about the fish they select. They use only true pilchards, the most prized of the many species of small fish canned around the world as “sardines.” As they cook and pack only fresh sardines, production is seasonal and they have only about three months to pack sardines for the year.

Ortiz Sardines are produced according to an old French recipe that dates to 1824, the earliest years of preserving fish in jars or tins. The freshly landed fish are taken from the dock directly to the processing plant in the village. They are then cleaned, fried in extra virgin olive oil, and left to stand for a few hours in order to drain the naturally occurring water they still contain. This makes the sardines mellower and more delicate in texture than others on the market that are generally steamed in the tin using frozen fish, retaining all water within. After draining they are packed by hand in quality extra vrigin olive oil.


What do you do with such amazing sardines? You eat them! Put them on salads. Eat them on pasta with either a fennel-scented tomato sauce or, equally excellent, a few spoonfuls of olive or caper paste and some grated bread crumbs over the top. They’re fantastic on the traditional ‘insalata pantesca’, a traditional salad of the caper-growing Sicilian island of Pantelleria.

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