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Di Martino Paccheri 500g

Product Profile:

Name Di Martino Paccheri 500g
Producer Pastificio Di Martino
Origin Gragnano, Campania ITALY
Format Retail pack
Size 500g
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box 6 units


Gragnano pasta has over 500 years of history behind it. Today's Pastificio G. Di Martino is built on the history of a family rooted in their territory and traditions and driven by genuine devotion and irrepressible passion. This translates into hard work, craftsman like precision, insistence on quality, perseverance against the odds, brilliant intuition and technological innovation that always cares about people and the environment.

Di Martino Pasta is made using the traditional Gragnano method of being extruded through a bronze die and made with extra fine durum wheat. A slow drying process at low temperatures allows more sauce to hold the pasta as well as enhancing the overall flavour of the pasta.

Di Martino Paccheri is a cut decidedly wider than the others. The term (meaning "slap" in Neapolitan) perhaps refers to the noise it makes when dressed with a sauce, a sort of squishy slap.




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