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Round Brick Pastry 150g

Product Profile:

Name Round Brick Pastry
Producer Maison de Tunisie 
Origin Tunisia
Format 10 round sheets per pack
Size 150g
Minimum Order 6 packets
Qty Per Box 60 packets 

Brick Pastry is a wafer-thin pastry, originating from the Maghreb region in North Africa. Although not a new product, it has gained popularity in recent years due to its versatility and media exposure. The pastry sheets come individually separated in packs of 10 sheets. The individual sheets are also known as ‘Warka’, and once the pastry is ‘stuffed’ with filling, it is known as brick or bourek.

Brick Pastry is made of wheat flour, oil, salt and water and can be used in the same way as filo pastry. However it does not dry and flake as dramatically as filo. It also has a much lighter, crunchier texture than filo and can be shallow or deep fried without soaking up large amounts of oil. Traditionally it is used to make interesting parcels of differing shapes and sizes, and its neutral flavour lends itself to both sweet and savoury dishes. To keep, reseal and store in an airtight container. If it is drying out it can be rehydrated by brushing lightly with a damp clean cloth. Tunisian Brick Pastry has up to twelve months shelf-life if stored in a cool, dry place.  


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Possible uses for Tunisian Brick Pastry:

 • Braise lamb shanks with fenugreek, cool, and make parcels with smoked mozzarella.
 • Seal tuna and wrap in Brick with capers, smoked paprika, lemon, parsley and olive oil.
 • Wrap cooked minced lamb & smoked eggplant, serve with sumac & pomegranate molasses.
 • Fit brick into a round mould and bake with spinach, pecorino and potato.
 • Makes a lovely parcel with white beans & merguez sausage, serve with tabouleh made with preserved lemon.
 • Bake salmon with sumac and fennel seeds and serve fennel and mint salad with tomato dressing.
 • Make a casing for Roquefort and caramelized pear with Jimenez Sherry Vinegar syrup soaked Muscatels.
 • Guava cigars served with Manchego.
 • Make a ceviche and serve with fried brick sheets.
 • Fill with garlic, prawns and parsley and bake or fry till golden, open and serve with romesco sauce.
 • Fill a parcel with goat chevre, paint with butter, bake & serve with beetroot relish.
 • Chorizo, potato and Piquillos Peppers baked in brick served with Goan Tomato and Fenugreek Chutney.
 • Paint rounds with butter and sprinkle with dukkah, bake till crisp, break into pieces and serve on a salad of tomato, goat curd, parsley and mint with sherry vinegar dressing.
 • Cut into rounds and fry, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with caramelized apple and burnt honey ice cream.
 • Make cornets and fill with caramel mascarpone and roll in praline crumble.
 • Bake or fry shards to serve with figs in ginger syrup and vanilla ricotta.
 • Fry sheets and layer with pastry cream and crushed pistachio praline.
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