St Mamet Cantal Entre Deux AOP 35kg

Product Profile:

Name St Mamet Cantal Entre Deux AOP
Producer Fromagerie St Mamet
Origin France
Milk Stock Pasteurised cow
Rennet Type  Animal
Avg. Fat Content 
Format Large wheel, cut to requirment
Size 35kg
Minimum Order 1kg cut
Qty Per Box Single wheel

One of the oldest French cheeses, Cantal was originally produced by putting the curd into le formage, the wooden cylinder that is believed to be the origin of the French word for cheese - fromage. Each wheel of cheese is identified with a metal badge embedded in the rind and stamped with the official AOP logo to ensure authenticity. 

When young, the cheese is moist, open textured & springy with a slight tang on the palate. With age it becomes more like mature cheddar with great depth of flavour. The cheese is released as jeune when it is at least 30 days old. When it reaches 6 months affinage it has developed a robust personality and is categorised as vieux. Between 2 and 6 months affinage the cheese is called entre-deux (between the two). At this stage the cheese is dense, moist and buttery and the flavour is enhanced by the addition of salt during curing of the curd. As it matures the cheese is also prone to blueing, which further intensifies the strong flavours. It is related to the French Laguiole and Salers and has a similarity to the clothbound English cheddars. With age this cheese is fantastic.

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