Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper 4kg

Product Profile:

Name Lamb Chopper
Code 10770
Producer Cypress Grove Creamery
Origin Holland (matured in USA)
Milk Stock Pasteurised sheep's milk
Rennet Type   
Average Fat Content   
Format Whole, half or quarter wheel
Size 4kg approx. (random weight)
Minimum Order Quarter wheel 
Qty Per Box Single wheel per box. 

Typical of a tome in shape and size, this sheep milk cheese has a soft pliable pâté to the touch. The curds are lightly cooked which creates a molten mouth feel. The interior is pale straw colour and remains so even as it matures. The flavour is sweet and buttery at 4 months but develops into quite a complex range of caramels and nutty undertones.

A great cheese for a cheese board, its mild flavour will find it hard to turn down by even the most fussy of eaters. Accompany it with fresh crispy fruit like apples or pears and you will have great cheese plate. 








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