Jean Faup Chevre 4kg

Product Profile:

Name Jean Faup Chevre
Producer Fromagerie Jean Faup
Origin Pyrenees, France
Milk Stock Pasteurised goats' milk
Rennet Type  Animal
Avg. Fat Content  35% approx.
Format Large wheel
Size 4kg random weight
Minimum Order 1kg cut (approx.)
Qty Per Box Single wheels


This unusual semi hard Tomme from the Pyrenees is made from hand ladled curd at the small Fromagerie Jean Faup. Made exclusively from goat’s milk collected in the Ariege and La Haute-Garonne region, the cheese is washed for 8 days in a brine solution before being matured in damp cellars for a minimum of three months.

The rind encourages the paste within to develop a very distinctive goaty-tangy and earthy flavour, makes the mild industrial Pyrenees cheeses look tame by comparison. The texture is creamy somewhat like moist fudge and has little holes throughout.



Avg. servings per pack: 108               serving size: 25g     
  Avg. per serve per 100g
Energy  473kJ 1891kJ
Protein  7.6g 30.5g
Fat, Total  8.9g 35.6g
  - Saturated  6.2g 24.6g
Carbohydrates Trace 2.2g
  - Sugars  Trace -
Calcium 86mg  346mg 
Sodium  224mg 895mg
Ingredients: Goats' milk, rennet, salt, cultures.

Information for this profile sourced from AOAP Staff and Calendar Cheese Co.

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