Jean Perrin Raceltte de Scey 6kg

Product Profile:

Name Raclette de Scey
Producer Fromagerie Jean Perrin
Origin Franche-Comte, France 
Milk Stock Pasteurised cow's milk
Rennet Type  Animal 
Average Fat Content  30% 
Format Large wheel
Size 6kg approx. (random weight)
Minimum Order Quarter wheel (1.5kg approx.)
Qty Per Box Single wheel per box


The name Raclette derives from racler, meaning to scrape, and describes the way in which the cheese is traditionally eaten. It is cut and heated next to the fire, being scraped off with a knife as it melts, then eaten.

A semi-hard cheese with a brownish-beige rind and a cream coloured pâté; Raclette de Scey has a supple elastic texture and a full beefy flavour, with nuances of nuts and a slightly fruity aroma. When grilled, the rind becomes quite crunchy and the flavours intensify, lingering with a savoury finish.




servings per pack: 240 approx.               serving size: 25g     
  per serve per 100g
Energy  385kj 1540kj
Protein  6.3g 25g
Fat, Total  7.5g 30.1g
  - Saturated  - -
Carbohydrates 10mg 40mg
  - Sugars  - -
Calcium  133mg  532mg 
Sodium  217mg 870mg
Ingredients: Cow’s Milk, Rennet, Salt, Cultures.

Information for this profile sourced from AOAP Staff http://www.jean-perrin.com/  


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