Onetik Petit Basque Basquitou 500g

Product Profile:

Name Petit Basque Basquitou
Code 14730
Producer Onetik 
Origin Basque Country, France 
Milk Stock Pasteurised sheep's milk
Rennet Type   
Average Fat Content  35% approx. 
Format Small wheel
Size 500g approx. (random weight) 
Minimum Order 1 wheel 
Qty Per Box 5 wheels 

The Basque region is in the south west of France and encompasses the Pyrénées Mountains bordering Spain. The people of Basque Country insist their brebis cheeses have remained true to the traditional style for over 4000 years.

Onetik Petit Basque Basquitou is a smaller version of the equally delectable Ossau Iraty, with some subtle differences in texture and flavour. The texture is slightly firmer with less elasticity; the flavour is described as oily, olive like, nutty, slightly meaty and fruity. Onetik’s Petit Basque is one of the world’s great cheeses.




servings per pack: 24 approx.               serving size: 25g     
  per serve per 100g
Energy  473kj 1891kj
Protein  7.6g 30.5g
Fat, Total  8.9g 35.6g
  - Saturated  6.2g 24.6g
Carbohydrates 550mg 2.2g
  - Sugars  - -
Calcuim  224mg  895mg 
Sodium  87mg 346mg
Ingredients: Ewe's milk, rennet, salt, starter culture.

Information for this profile sourced from AOAP Staff & Calendar Cheese Co.


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