Pecora Dairy Yarrawa 2kg

Product Profile:

Name Pecora Dairy Yarrawa
Producer Pecora Dairy
Origin Robertson, NSW
Milk Stock Unpasteurised (RAW) sheep
Rennet Type 
Avg. Fat Content 
Format Wheel
Size 2kg random weight
Minimum Order 1 unit
Qty Per Box Single


From the heart of the Southern Highlands, Pecora Dairy is the only exclusive working pure East Friesian sheep dairy in Australia. Inspired by the Pyrenean classics, their range of award-winning farmhouse artisan products are true to style, sophisticated and clean on the palate.

Yarrawa, Australia’s first uncooked raw milk cheese, is a unique expression of the terroir of Pecora’s cool climate rainforest farm in Robertson NSW. The distinctive microflora within each cheese proliferate and allow the exceptional flavours of the milk to be preserved in the final product. Every trunkle, from the cutting of the curd, to the daily brushing during its maturation, is made by hand.

Winner of a gold medal in the 2018 Delicious Produce Awards.

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